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Frequently Asked Questions

Bio-IT World Web Symposia Cancellation Policy

Bio-IT World provides both paid symposia, and complimentary versions which are underwritten by sponsors and allow you viewing at no charge. If you are planning to view a symposium requiring a fee to view and wish to cancel your notice of cancellation must be received 10 days prior to the start of the event. Please note that should you cancel a paid symposium you will be issued an event pass, and CHI/Bio-IT World does not refund your registration fee. This Event Pass may be applied toward a future; paid Bio-IT World Web Symposium of equal value within six (6) months of issue date. The original Event Pass must be surrendered at the time you register for future symposia. Event Passes are not transferable to any other type of program, such as conferences or product orders. Within 10 business days before the web symposium, no Event Pass will be issued.

Bio-IT World reserves the right to change the presenters and timing of our public and paid web symposia. Efforts will be made to notify participants in either event.













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