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Implementing & Executing Risk Management Systematically
Held on March 2, 2010 | Sponsored by: Oracle

The web symposium, Implementing & Executing Risk Management Systematically, is available to download in a Windows Media (WMV) format. To download, please complete the user profile form below and hit the Submit button.  You will then be able to download and view the symposia in the WMV format.

The web symposium covers:

  • The challenges in implementing risk management processes
  • The resources needed and in place to address safety and standards concerns
  • The differences between the ‘traditional’ model of transactional safety reporting and more proactive pharmacovigilance approaches
  • How to leverage the information learned about risk management processes and the relevance to an organization’s business operations

Thank you for your interest in viewing the Implementing & Executing Risk Management Systematically web symposium. For upcoming symposia within the Bio-IT World Web Symposia Series, please click here. 

If you experience any problems downloading the web symposium, please email Joan Chambers at jchambers@healthtech.com 

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