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Next-Gen Sequencing Software Technology Clinic 

Recorded on March 1, 2011 | DVD or Electronic Version for Purchase: $295 

Presenting Companies: Accelrys, DNAStar, Genologics, Partek  
Guest Speaker: BioTeam’s Chris Dwan

As the cost of next-generation sequencing (NGS) becomes ever more affordable, resulting in a dramatic surge in data volume, there is no end of software solutions for annotating, analyzing and interpreting NGS data. But what are the chief advantages and applications of each software system? This multi-sponsored Bio-IT World web clinic/symposium style workshop opens with an overview given by our guest speaker, Chris Dwan of BioTeam on the state of NGS and software. It then explores considered industry approaches and solutions for NGS optimization through the guidance of four leading NGS software providers including advanced NGS software, LIMS, and pipeline approaches. 

Speakers Include: 

  • Tom Downey, President & CEO, Partek Inc. 
  • Clifford Baron, Product Marketing Director, Accelrys, Inc. 
  • Dr. Michael Kuzyk, Senior Product Manager, GenoLogics Life Sciences Software 
  • Matthew Keyser, Next-Gen Application Scientist, DNASTAR 
  • Guest Speaker: BioTeam's Chris Dwan 


About Speakers:

Tom Downey, President & CEO, Partek Inc.Tom Downey is President and CEO of Partek Incorporated, a data analysis software company that he co-founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1993.  A recognized expert in experiment design and statistical analysis for genomic technologies, Downey has given many workshops on next-generation sequencing technology and has served as a statistical consultant in numerous genomic studies, resulting in more than a dozen peer-reviewed publications. 

Clifford Baron, Product Marketing Director, Accelrys, Inc.With a Ph.D. in Biology from UC Berkeley, Clifford has over twenty years experience with leading scientific software companies. He has managed R&D, product management, and services groups in both public and venture-funded companies, including Abacus Concepts/SAS, Pangea/DoubleTwist, and Applied Biosystems. In 2006, Clifford joined Accelrys to lead its global professional services group. Following the merger of Accelrys and Symyx, he transitioned to the role of Director of Product Marketing, where he leads the company's initiatives in Genomics and Biotherapeutics.

Dr. Michael Kuzyk, Senior Product Manager, GenoLogics Life Sciences SoftwareDr. Michael Kuzyk brings a wide range of expertise in both genomic and proteomic research, and lab management experience to GenoLogics. He currently holds the position of Senior Product Manager, and contributes greatly to the marketing organization as a subject matter expert in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. Kuzyk manages the genomics product line, with a focus on the next generation sequencing market segment. Most recently, Kuzyk has held the positions of Assistant Research Professor with the University of Victoria, and Staff Scientist at Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, where he managed the day-to-day operations of core services labs. Michael’s interests lie in all facets of high throughput biological research. In particular, he is fascinated with how emerging technologies are dramatically challenging traditional research paradigms that will ultimately result in great advances that will offer broad benefits to society. Kuzyk is a University of Victoria graduate and where he completed his doctoral degree in biochemistry.

Matthew Keyser, Next-Gen Application Scientist, DNASTARMatthew Keyser is a next-gen application scientist for DNASTAR, where he has helped scientists address their sequence assembly and analysis challenges for the past six years.  Matt’s sole focus at DNASTAR is supporting customers in next-gen sequencing applications using DNASTAR's broad software toolset.  Matt helps customers with their templated and de novo assembly projects, transcriptomes, exomes, metagenomic assemblies, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and numerous other unique experiments.  Matt has helped hundreds of scientists optimize their workflows using DNASTAR's next-gen software solutions.  He has also spoken at numerous conferences and workshops regarding the capabilities of DNASTAR's next-gen software tools. 

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