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Enhancing Clinical Operations with Digital Signatures
Sponsored by ARX

Recorded on March 21, 2012 | DVD or Electronic Version for Purchase: $295    

Learn how paperless authorizations can result in faster site and study initiation and more! Now more than ever before, life sciences companies are turning to eClinical technologies to automate their processes. This is because they understand-perhaps better than anyone-what inefficiency means to their business: among other disadvantages, it means hindered collaboration, increased costs, and project delays. By automating processes and reducing the use of paper, life sciences companies can achieve the results they need to keep their business moving forward.

With standard digital signatures, life sciences companies are able to maintain compliance with the strictest industry regulations while achieving trusted electronic document exchange that spans geographies and organizations. Digitally signed documents enable any party to quickly and easily validate signer identity and intent, and content integrity without reliance on proprietary verification technology. As such, they enable organizations to automate approval processes and enjoy streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, reduced organizational costs, and more.

In this session, attendees will learn how digital signatures can be applied in clinical operations to speed study and site initiation, automate site monitoring reporting, enhance investigator portals, and support regulatory compliance. We will also discuss how digital signatures enable secure document exchange and electronic submissions. Case studies of leading sponsors and CROs will be presented and a Q&A session will be held at the end of the presentation.

Speaker: Rodd Schlerf, FDA and USDA Markets Manager - ARX

About the speaker:
Rodd SchlerfWith over 20 years of experience in electronic signatures for FDA-regulated markets, Rodd Schlerf has led ARX to be the largest supplier of digital signatures in the FDA regulated industry. As a result, life science organizations around the world are benefiting from reduced costs, faster operations, regulatory compliance, secure document exchange and electronic submissions to the FDA.



 DVD or Electronic Version for Purchase: $295

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