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Solutions for High-Speed Data Transfer

Recorded on March 28, 2012 | DVD or Electronic Version for Purchase: $295   

Sponsored by Aspera

Genomic research and high-performance computing centers around the world are dedicated to facilitating biomedical research and improving human health by producing, collecting, analyzing, sharing and distributing huge volumes of high-quality research data. But as even the most capable, well-funded organizations can attest, moving such copious amounts of data presents enormous technical and logistical challenges.

Aside from issues of data management and storage, one of the biggest challenges is in actually moving and sharing next-gen sequencing and other data. While a variety of open-source tools and protocols exist, they have some disadvantages.
Over the past couple of years, Aspera software has become an increasingly widely adopted solution for the management and transfer of large volumes of scientific data, in some cases between far flung collaborators. In this web symposium, you will hear how groups in the scientific community are transforming their research by moving large volumes of genome data at high-speed over vast distances, as well as into the Amazon cloud.

Key takeaways will include:
• New solutions for moving data in and out of the cloud, e.g. Amazon Web Services
• Distribute and access data sets using Aspera Point-to-Point clients and Enterprise Server
• Share research results through the Web with Aspera Connect Server
• Connect browser plug-in; and next generation Aspera Shares
• Synchronize files and directories at high-speed over a WAN with Aspera Sync.

Chris Dwan PhD (BioTeam) – Chris will share insights into a real-world case study using NGS data and featuring a major academic genomics institution.
Michelle Munson, CEO, Aspera – Novel software solutions and strategies to meet the challenges of high-speed data transfer in life sciences organizations

An interactive Q&A will close out the web symposium.
Speaker Bio:
Michelle Munson Michelle Munson, CEO, AsperaMichelle is co-inventor of Aspera'sfasp™ transport technology and is responsible for overseeing the company's direction in collaboration with co-founder SerbanSimu. Michelle was a software engineer in research and start-up companies including the IBM Almaden Research center before founding Aspera in 2004. She has dual B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Physics from Kansas State University and was a Goldwater Scholar for achievement in Science and Mathematics, and later a Fulbright Scholar at Cambridge University where she received a postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science. She was the 2006 KSU College of Engineering Alumni Fellow (the youngest recipient ever), and has received national achievement awards from Glamour Magazine and USA Today. Michelle is also a frequent speaker on technologies and trends around Big Data Transport, Cloud Infrastructure, and Mobile.

DVD or Electronic Version for Purchase: $295 

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