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Next-Generation Storage and IT
October 15, 2009

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Program Description:

The explosion of next-generation sequencing facilities and applications puts a frightening burden on the informatics and IT groups to manage, analyze, and store the resulting data.  Some organizations are already dealing with Petabytes of information, but regardless of the size of the group, challenges exist in handling the data.  This webinar explores innovative storage solutions for handling and storing next-generation genomic data.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the challenges in generating and managing vast volumes of sequencing data
  • Preview some of the innovative informatics solutions used to analyze and interpret next-gen data
  • Leverage the latest storage solutions for genomic data and discuss relevance to your organization's scientific and/or business needs

Who Should Attend:

  • IT and Informatics professionals
  • Leaders involved in generation sequencing informatics
  • Scientists and researchers involved in the Human Genome project
  • Software vendors providing solutions for handling and storing next-gen data

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


  • Melissa Kramer, Scientific Informatics Analyst, Woodbury Genome Research Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
  • Lincoln Stein, Ph.D., Senior Principal Investigator, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research;
    Professor-Dept of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto; Professor-Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
  • James Reaney, Ph.D., Executive Director, Strategic Technologies, BlueArc Corporation


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