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Lab Informatics:
Protecting & Legally Defending the Authenticity of Your Scientific Data
(recorded on December 9, 2009)


Sponsored by: Surety

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Program Description:

Protecting the integrity and legally defending the authenticity of scientific intellectual property is critical for the bio-sciences industry.  To accomplish this, data integrity protection controls must be integrated into the data workflow of researchers and scientists, particularly in electronic lab informatics systems.  These automated measures also can ease the time-consuming and burdensome task requiring scientists go through to “sign and witness” volumes of research records, allowing scientists to focus on science.

This complimentary web symposium will provide an encompassing view of intellectual property protection and data integrity issues facing the bio-sciences industry today.  What is working?  What isn’t working?  And what can be done to protect and legally defend the authenticity and ownership of your organization’s intellectual property and research data.  Additionally, you’ll hear about Lawrence Berkeley Labs’ approach to managing the protection of their digital scientific data.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the challenges inherent in protecting the integrity and legally defending the authenticity of scientific intellectual property
  • Understand the key technologies needed to integrate automated solutions resulting in a better ROI
  • Leverage the information regarding the complexity of managing the security and authentication of your company’s life blood: its intellectual property, scientific data.  And you’ll understand the importance of integrating research processes.
  • Discuss the relevance to your organization’s data integrity protection needs

Who Should Attend:

  • Researchers, Scientists, and Lab Managers involved in managing, analyzing, protecting and authenticating scientific data
  • IT and Informatics professionals
  • Executives in Pharma, Biotech, Academia and Government


  • Michael H. Elliott, CEO, Atrium Research & Consulting
  • David Pletcher, Director of Informatics, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Lawrence Berkeley Labs
  • Bob Flinton, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management, Surety, LLC

DVD or Electronic Version Price:  $295 each
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