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Implementing & Executing Risk Management Systematically
(recorded on March 2, 2010)

Sponsored by: Oracle

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Program Description:

The traditional model of transactional safety reporting is giving way to more proactive pharmacovigilance and risk management, from clinical development through post-marketing. This holistic view of the entire life span of a product requires a systematic approach to risk management, including identification, analysis, and mitigation.

To date, few confirmed best practices exist and the industry is still struggling to implement the processes and resources required. Organizations that excel in implementing and executing risk management systematically are not only able to remain in regulatory compliance, but can improve product stewardship as well as the benefit: Risk profile across their entire portfolio.

This complimentary web symposium will provide an insightful view into the processes and resources required to effectively implement and execute risk management initiatives within an organization.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding challenges to implementing risk management processes
  • Ensuring resources are in place to address safety and standards concerns
  • Understanding differences between the 'traditional' model of transactional safety reporting and more proactive pharmacovigilance approaches
  • Leveraging information learned about risk management processes and discussing the relevance to your organization's business needs

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives in Pharma, Biotech, and Academia
  • Researchers, Scientists, Physicians, and other professionals involved in safety reporting, pharmacovigilance, risk management, clinical development, and post-marketing
  • IT, Informatics, and Clinical professionals responsible for implementing risk management and safety reporting systems


  • Alison Bond, Ph.D., Head of Pharmacovigilance, Quanticate
  • Sally Van Doren, Pharm.D., President, CEO, & Founder, BioSoteria, Inc.
  • Karen E. Jaffe, Director of Product Strategy, Oracle

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